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Profiled in the book 59 Directoras de Cortometrajes: Perfiles de Cineastas Españolas

DIC. 21, 2015

La directora y actriz Lia Chapman incluida en el libro 59 Directoras de Cortometrajes: Perfiles de Cineastas Españolas

The books was writen by Miguel Ángel Escudero. Here are some words by Mariano Barroso describing Lia.

Lia Chapman: a woman with her own voice

by Mariano Barroso

Talented and passionate, Lia Chapman is an example of self-improvement and inspiration in out times. Her personality makes her shine with her stand out, demonstrating her fascination for the world she has dedicated all her professional life to: the big screen. Model, actress, and now director, she is a woman that never leaves us indifferent. It's enough to spend a little time with her to realize her kindness. In the world of cinema, one is always surrounded by lot of people, people that enters your life when you start shooting and exits when you finish. It's different with Lia. She is one of these persons that crosses your path and what stars as a merely professional relationship turns into an enriching human and personal one. The reason is simple; Lia makes you feel alive and energetic without you realizing it.

Lia should be known as:

A fighter, with a lot of inner strength and capable of everything to face her concerns instead of turning her back on them.

A positive and healthy woman. She's convinced that we set our own barriers. She defends that people should listen to themselves, since that's the only way they'll face their fears and find the necessary tools to overcome them. Lia knows her strengths and weaknesses.

A non-conforming woman. Even though she has thousands of things in her mind, Lia values her time, values her work and because of that she's conscious that she has to go through a personal growth day by day. Learnings something new everyday is what rejuvenates her, grants her a wider vision of the opportunities she has in front of her to become a household director.

A woman that listens. Lia absorbs the words from the people surrounding her, conscious that everything can help her in her personal growth. She had now decide to go back to school to, to UCLA, continue increasing her knowledge.

A passionate woman. Passionate about her profession, Lia has a great aspiration: being a reference in cinema. She's passionate about telling stories, passionate about sparking social interest with her concerns, passionate about her Latino land and her people, passionate about being the protagonist of her stories, passionate about life.

A woman with her own voice. Lia debuts as a director with her first short film "Broken Angels", faithful to her interest of telling stories about women. With "Broken Angels", Lia Chapman starts with vigor that path set by her passion, and sets bar very high. I encourage her to continue going forward and growing as a director. There's a great woman behind the name Lia Chapman. Personally, I admire her and and I'm thankful for her dedication.

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